Sunday, November 25, 2012

Saturday Swatch Spam: 11/24/12

Incoming: another ten shades straight to you.  You decide your line up- you decide what's hot and what's not and I'll give you my take on it.  As always, this is a thrifty girl's nail blog- so don't worry about any of these pretties putting a damper on your wallet :)  These are always 2 coats unless otherwise noted.

Red Velvet
 Starting things off with red like we always do- red- the original va-va-voom for your nails.  This is Red Velvet from e.l.f.  I found this bottle in a holiday pack at Target and doesn't it's name ring true?  It is oh-so-suede and perfect for your festivities. A-

Ok, this one only got a B- from me- reason being: no pop.  You'd think with the pink/multiglitter glam this polish would pack more of a punch.  Dreamy by Pure Ice
 Hello orange love! Wet n wild fast dry is fabulous.  Seen here with two coats layered over Red Velvet- I just felt like going out after I put it on.  What a fun name for a polish too- bonus! B+

 Look at this super quirky mustard-meets-the-army color.  Not only is the color so unexpected- they put shimmer in it!  China Glaze Trendsetter was such a fun surprise! B

Be-Leaf It or Not
 Mmm frosty leafy green metallic makes me feel warm looking at it- what do you think?  Be-Leaf It or Not by Fingerpaints was another treasure among the clearance polishes.  Such a smooth talker- definite A.

Hot Spot
Blue polish lovers beware- this color is gorgeous!  See the subtle sparkle in with the deep navy/wannabe purple/right on the fence blue. Wowza, Hot Spot by Sinful Colors, another A.

2 Weeks Sober
 While I am a purple girl and always have been- it's not because it looks bangin with my skin tone, but because the color gives me warm fuzzies.  So even though I'm more partial to blues and grays on my nails, this creamy beauty deserves some attention!  2 Weeks Sober from Spoiled is exactly what is so beautiful about purple- put in a bottle. A

Cougar Attack
I loved loved this polish.  Yummy chocolate jelly brown with copper glitter in its suspension.  This is three coats to achieve this level of opacity.  Aptly-named Cougar Attack from Spoiled is a fun and funky color you can wear to the office.  Solid A.

Big City Dazzle
Here we have my glitter offering this week.  Even though the glitters are all the same size in this polish, the colors did not disappoint.  Layered over NYC Sidewalkers, this is Big City Dazzle by the same brand.  I'd say B+

And finally my A+ color for the week.  By Nina Ultra Pro, Blue-La-La is a dusty cornflower blue cream that I just couldn't take my eyes off!  That's how I know I'm in love with a polish- when I find myself looking down at my nails all day and my mood lifts just from the color =D  Almost an Air force-blue- you will not be disappointed if you find place for this little puppy in your collection.

That's all she wrote folks- happy painting!

Over and Out

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