Saturday, November 17, 2012

Saturday Swatch Spam 11/17/2012

Hey all my fabulous cuties!! It's time for some more flash of color.  I have ten tasty hues for you today again and I'll tell you which one was my fav and you tell me yours.  Just a reminder- I am a bargain polisher- so none of the colors you'll see featured will be exclusive to the gals with the padded wallet- um hello?  Ya'll are livin in the same economy as I am right?  You will happily be able to find these polishes at your local drug stores such as Walgreens, CVS, and Rite Aid and beauty supply stores such as Sally's and Ulta.  Happy Browsing.

Frankly Scarlet
This delicious bright red with gold shimmer is a perfect combination, Frankly Scarlet by Revlon. Honestly the bottle boasted a little more gold than appeared on the nail in the end, but I finished happy regardless.  Cute name too, huh?

This super creamy bright orange reminded me of a yummy, tart orangesicle.  It is so bright, Sinful Colors Citrine is orange love.

Let's Meet
Well Hello, Yellow.  This shimmery lemon yellow, pictured here over white polish, was bright and sunny.  Sinful Colors Let's Meet in two coats is too sheer for me, but over white it was a standout.

Rare and Radiant
Green/gold spun love, China Glaze Rare and Radiant is as good as it looks.  This brilliant duochrome, like the rest from it's collection is a two coat honey, head-turner :)  If you're lucky you might find one at your local Sally's on clearance like I did while they're clearing out older collections for their holiday ones.  You won't be disappointed :)

Berry Blue
Sadly, I was so looking forward to this color when I picked it out online cuz mama loves some navy blue, but this dark jelly was such a stainer and took three coats for this opacity.  Just look at that dark richness- I'm sure i'll give it another go soon.

Mysterious Curse
For some CRAZY reason this was also in the clearance bin at Sally's but as you've noticed, I haven't really found any polish in their bins that I don't love, so hey- par for the course.  I love love this polish with its trading from purple to blue/green.  This is two coats of Orly Mysterious Curse.

Pearl Pink
The finish on this little pinky is so fab, but another slow dryer by Kleancolor, Pearl Pink falls just a bit short.  I love it's silky shine and the pink is so petite and sweet.  I just wish they could tweak their formula a bit so I could give it an A+

Hook and Line
From The Hunger Games China Glaze Collection, Hook and Line is just a perfect silver/bronze combo.  Maybe a better description would be that it's a dirty silver.  With gray being one of my favorite colors to wear, this one is an easy "yes, please!"

This is a very suitable color for you to sport this holiday season.  Opal shimmer with little gold hexes, NYC Enchanted can give you a little party glam without being too holiday traditional.  Sufficing as my glitter offering for this week, even though I swatched some other stunners which will just have to wait their turn, there you have it.

I'm So Jaded
Ok ok! The number one polish I swatched this week has got to be Spoiled I'm So Jaded.  Even without white underneath, it just pops with brilliance.  See how the gold shimmer in the bottle and on the nail match in power?  This one really surprised me and I LOVE IT when that happens!  Here is my A++ color of the week. *applause*

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