Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wednesday Weekly Wrap-Up: Love and Discovery

So I thought a mid-week wrap up would be a fun way to mix it up- especially since weekends are too busy to do a wrap up post :)  This post is pic-heavy, so mostly these are for you Grandma!! Without further ado- here's what we've been up to this week.

Found some cuddlebugs in the back of my car.

Grandma I got a new toy this week and I chase it around all day!

So much fun

Brother- that's my phone!

Since I took down his inflatable pool, he's back to taking frequent baths lol.  He's just a big fish.

Holdin my own bottle

Momma let me at the bowl of mashed potatoes after everyone was done eating dinner and boy did I have a great time!

This white stuff was so fun and squishy in my fingers

Champion Chomper

Here Daddy- some for you


This pic depicts Miss Bee's personality to a T.

Goofy girl


Grubbin so hard lol

Gotta get in a shot :)

Sweet Sunny Bee.  She adds so much love to our lives and she can't wait to meet you Gma :)

Hoping all your weeks were filled with love!

Over and Out

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