Saturday, October 13, 2012

Saturday Swatch Spam

Happy Weekend All!  It really is starting to feel like fall here in Northern California finally and I'm so happy about it.  We went on a hike today (the kiddos and I) and it was perfect weather- not too hot not too cold.  Bug and Bear even waded in the little pools of water that are usually catching waterfalls when it has been raining, but today they were nice and shallow.  What a beautiful day- truly!
For those of you who love color swatches as much as I- Saturday Swatch day will have ten colors for the week that you can find at any local store that carries polish, and if you have to go somewhere else to find them I'll tell you.  I also tend to spend pretty thriftily as well so if you find a color you like you won't have to worry about it costing you an arm and a leg :) The swatches will be two coats unless otherwise specified.

This is NYC Madison Avenue. Such a delicious red jelly and came out a little lighter on the nail than in the bottle. This is three coats here to try to banish the VNL.  It has a faint shimmer to it as well.

This orange is Fingerpaints Vermillion $ Painting.  You can find this brand at any Sally Beauty Supply near you.  It has a lot of shimmer and even a little gold duochrome- but just a little.

Deadly Dose by Wet n Wild Megalast- This is a very light gold metallic and took 3 coats for this opacity.  Looking more like the straw spun into gold from Rumplestiltskin than a loud metallic, I found this color to be really inviting.  This is the first of three I will show today from their 2012 Pick Your Poison Halloween offering.

Wet n Wild Fastdry SaGreena the Teenage Witch is right on for a witchy green.  A lot of shimmer- this was nearly opaque in one coat.  Not really my favorite green on its own but I will definitely use it for nail art.

Another polish from Pick Your Poison by Wet n Wild Megalast-  Toxic Apple was so reflective it's showing you the back of my kitchen in the nail.  This color was gorgeous- like tinted windows on my nails- a very steel purple.  A little too much light exposure here- it's actually darker and grittier.  The camera didn't catch it but there's also some mini blue sparkle mixed in.  If you look at the bottle you can see what I mean.

 Wet n Wild Megalast Root of All Evil from the Pick Your Poison collection.  Again- in real life this color isn't quite as bright but almost.  This gives you a pretty good idea of the lovely blue you have here- very eye-catching.

This is Pink Forever by Sinful Colors.  This is a dark bubble-gum pink cream.  Easy application and smooth finish 'cept for the nick on the middle finger ;)

Park Avenue by NYC.  This dusty, brown-gray  is such a delightfully cozy coffeehouse brown.  Love love it.

Ebony Hates Chris by Wet n Wild Fastdry.  This black is a little too black if you know what I mean.  I usually prefer off-black but I'm anxious to try this out for stamping and see if it transfers well.

This is Sinful Colors Pumpkin Spice over Fingerpaints Vermillion $ Painting.  A beautiful mixture of gold micro glitter and slightly larger red-orange glitter, I felt this one was spot on.

Did you see anything that spoke to you?  Looking for a new flash of color to wear around this week?

Hope you have a lovely weekend!

Over and Out

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