Monday, October 29, 2012

Sunday Swatch Spam

I am just all kinds of tardy this week.  I was planning on posting last night- then I got the boys to bed and spent two hours with my wide-awake beautiful daughter just playing in the playroom.  She was/is into discovering everything, so we just played till she started getting blinky.  As a parent of more than one kiddo- the times when you have uninterrupted attention to give to just one at a time is really special don't you think?  Well I couldn't have asked for a better night :)

Here is the swatch spam for this week:

Lethal Injection from Wet n Wild Megalast- almost metallic deep wine- two coats

How I Met Your Magenta- Wet n Wild Fast Dry- This color was nearly the top pick this week.  It is hot pink with micro gold shimmer which in itself is love- but it is also matte- pushing it over the top for me.  So much fun on a great budget price! woot!- two coats

Tahiti Sunrise- L.A. Colors.  This is the last of the four polishes I picked up at the dollar store.  Overall I won't be running back there to pick up more shades right away- they were just pretty average compared to all the polishes you can get out there right now for just over a buck, but they weren't bad either.  This is a pink/orange shimmer- two coats.

Electric- Revlon.  I love love love yellow.  That being said- it isn't a color I have a lot of in my collection.  I think that is because it's rare for me to find a good formula on a yellow polish and they usually need more coats than another color.  This polish was a winner, but not quite yellow perfection yet.  Light and creamy colored- plus a little shimmer thrown in- which you can't really see here.  The formula still wasn't all that, but I give it an A- =D  Three coats

The Temptress' Touch- L'oreal -Now this color hit a home run for me.  This lime/olive green combo shimmer duochrome was stunning to look at!  This is two coats of fabulous.

Pier 17- NYC- Another top polish from the week- this royal blue hi-shine polish was a stand out and so fun to wear.  Another great bang for your buck!- two coats

Want My Bawdy- China Glaze- I really am showcasing quite a few winners this week.  Since I am a thrifty polishaholic- I usually wait for China Glaze collections to go in the clearance bin at Sally Beauty so I can pick em up for half price.  That means having to exercise patience, but they are worth the wait.  After trying out their Bohemian Luster Chrome collection with No Plain Jane, and I'm happy to say I finally have the whole set thx to my friend the clearance bin ;)  This color Want My Bawdy is clearly for me- a deep blurple duochrome....I mean what else can a lady ask for?  It was love at first site- and not bad in the staining department either- so A+- two coats

Maybe I just subconsciously swatched all my fav polishes this week- but here is another excellent shade.  The Temptress' Power by L'oreal- a beautiful nude polish with golden/green shimmer or duochrome what have you.  This color is great if you want to be classic with a twist.  Love love love.- i think this i three coats for how sheer the nude is.
 Here it is layered over Revlon Electric.  Great versatility right?

Revlon Hot for Chocolate kinda just hit middle of the road for me.  It had nice coverage and was nice and deep, but it didn't end up screaming gorgeous to me on the nail.  I think this is a nice subdued understated color.  I give it a B and this is two coats.  I found this in a clearanced collection at Grocery Outlet so I don't if you'll be able to find it in your base colors for Revlon.

Ok! Instead of a glitter bomb today as my final color I have for you my fav color of the week!! Incoming: Fall-ing for You by Fingerpaints- this color was a HUGE surprise. I found it yet again in the clearance bin at Sally's and I figured it was going to be just a reg old dusty blue metallic- but surprise it was so teal on the nail!  I wore this for a few days after just swatching it cuz I couldn't bear to take it off! Wowza if you can find this in Sally's still I would recommend it- it won't disappoint.  I couldn't stop staring at my nails and it made me happyyyyyyyyyyy which is the whole point anyway right??  Pure love- two coats =D

That's it for this week!
Have some fun!

Over and Out

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