Thursday, October 25, 2012

Tardy Weekly Wrap Up

Well hello and welcome to another weekly wrap-up.  Yes it's Thursday not Wednesday, but it just crept up on me way too fast this week.  I guess we're all just having too much fun ;)  So without further ado- here was our week:

Ok, so Bear thought it was pretty darn awesome that Bug tolerated the sticker that he got off a movie and relocated to his brother's head.  My two cuties :)

Here he is making sure to point out the going rate for a Bug these days!  And just look at the mugs on these two monsters =D  Yes uncle Cy, that IS the infamous "Hogan Headlock" big brother is putting on little brother to keep him still for the camera- makes you proud doesn't it?

Snuggles with Daddy before he heads off to work.  Dad's coworkers made up some onesies like this one for Miss Bee with catch phrases Daddy uses at work.  This says "it is what it is."

It's pumpkin carvin time peeps!  We got the kit and everything to do the elaborate carving this year, but we got some good old fashioned creativity instead- let me introduce you to our jack'o'lantern.  His mouth purposefully has just one tooth- in the style of one Patrick Star- and just as purposefully, his eyes do not match, just so you know.

The man and his pumpkin.

Ok- so let me tell you about this picture- yes my son is punching the pumpkin in the mouth, which is what he thinks is the most awesome thing ever.  I think the most awesome things ever are his little toes curling as he does so!!

Ready or not for your close-up, here I come.

Hmmm- Madagascar 3 released and my kids love love love that show.  Needless to say we own a copy now- which came with this rather amusing wig.  Miss Bee appropriately wonders what this specific hairdo says about her future.

"Why Mom? Why?"

And further on in the week we have a rather rousing game of robot world war III.  It goes a little something like this- per his involved description of events:  World War III is upon us.  Robots are fighting on behalf of our country.  He is a robot.  His armor has been shot to pieces(see said armor being worn by said robot).  Also see one Bee walkin all around the furniture barely stayin in one place for more than a second.

And an end has come for our brave hero.  The play-by-play, as directed by said hero, goes something like this:

And he died bravely for his country- taking the final blow to his armor.

He stumbles and falls (this is mid-fall btw).

He is defeated.

Here shall dwell the metal and gears of a robot hero, taking at least 50 shots to his armor before keeling over to finally let the earth claim him.  It can not be said of this robot that he had no bravery, no passion.  It can not be said that he shirked in the face of certain destruction.  It can NOT be said that he ran when a fight came his way.  He was a robot among robots!  For he was equipped with the latest combat bravery and anti-retreat mods. Really he was. You can see for yourself just inside the left panel if you don't believe me.  Ya, not too much hassle to install really, and they're retailing for $49.99 on eBay.  But that's all over now.  Let us applaud our great Hero!

Disclaimer: No real robots were harmed in the making of this photographic dramatization.  Nor were any diaper baby models- it's just- well you know how boys are...

Over and Out


  1. Absolutely delightful. Bear: it is spooky how similar our daily encounters are, yours and mine. That exact choke hold and toe curling during punches to the tooth I hadn' t been using--but you can bet I will now. Love you and miss you, Rhett.

  2. Oh no Uncle Rhett, has your armor been taking a few blows lately? At least you didn't bite the dust like poor robot Bear :) We love and miss you too!