Thursday, October 18, 2012

Playing Catch Up

With the boys out of school this week it has been crazy town around here which equals no posts...but I intend to catch up today.  First off we have Monday's Mani of the day:

Just a simple accent nail stamping. Colors here are Milani  Beach Front, OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls and Kleancolor Sparkling Cosmos in the following picture.

Tuesday's Tutorial  was for this french manicure twist.
You start by striping with a striping brush each nail with a color of your choice(in this case NYC Pier 17) which will be the base of your french tip. Don't worry about the line continuing onto your finger- you will clean up later.

Now taking the polish brush fill in the rest of the tip and using an angled brush clean up around the nail with acetone.  Add a layer of top coat.

 For the accent finger I took NYC Madison Avenue and dotted twice closely together.

 Then I used the dotting tool I used to make the dots to drag each dot down to meet in a point to form a teeny heart <3

Finally we're to today's proper post-though it's nearly Thursday- here's Wednesday Weekly Wrap-Up.  Of course I didn't capture all our mischief on camera, but here's some:

Bear helped us along into the holiday by putting out our first Halloween decor.  And proud of it he was ;)

Bug enjoying a delicious and gushy ghouly treat.

Miss Bee finding anything and everything to make a play-thing with.


This picture cracks me up every time.  We were waiting for a table at a local restaurant and the kids were having too much fun makin funny faces in the mirror.  

At Bishop's Pumpkin Farm in Wheatland

Happy to start the maze at least ;)


Loved the cute mining idea, and so geographically appropriate for our local :)

And the maze goes on...

Such fun on the train!

Sweet Bug softly petting the little goat- not somethin we see every day that's for sure! Usually he could care less- but as you will note- his gaze is still lifted so we don't confuse him with a true animal lover.  He must keep up the facade.

Hope all of your weeks were as blessed as ours!  Love all around.

Over and Out

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