Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tuesday Tutorial: Moo.stah.chee

Ok, so this title is silly, but I like pronouncing the subject of my mani like that :)  Today I will be showing your how to do a mustache mani.  This was very fun and I loved lookin at it all day.  So here goes:

Whatcha wanna do first is paint your nails your base color- I chose a flesh color from Revlon called Sheer Rose.  This is three coats and this color is just a little shimmery- I love it.

Using a dotting tool:

I placed two dots next to each other on each nail using the color Hot for Chocolate by Revlon.

Then using a small brush I painted one line curving out on each side.

After one side is filled in- I repeated on the other side.

 Finish up with a good top coat which will not only help it dry faster but it will even out the texture too, and the final result looks like this- super silly and fun.

I hope you find a way to add a little silliness to your routine.  This was my way today :)

Over and Out

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