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Saturday Swatch Spam: 10/20/12

Here we are- it's Saturday night again and I have ten more random swatches for you.  One of the reasons I love nail polish, which I'm sure you've wondered about by now, is how just a little change of color on your fingers can elevate your mood and inspire creativity.  I love how in color there are endless options!  It's so exciting to me.  I say, when you find a little thing that makes your day brighter- why not embrace it?  That goes for anything you might fancy dear readers :)  Do what makes you happy!  And with that we are off:

I found this brand at a local $1.29 store.  You know the ones that call themselves the dollar store but aren't really? ;)  Well for a dollar and two bits I wasn't disappointed.  This is a bright red cream called Red Carnation by L.A. Colors.

My offering in the pink family today is Wet n Wild Megalast Through the Grapevine, but it read more pink than grape on the nail.  This was two coats, nice and creamy :)

 Another L.A. Colors, Apricot Fizz, is as yummy as it sounds.  I love this pink/gold/orange shimmer almost duochrome.  Definitely one of my favorite ways to wear orange.
Here is the previous color with a top coat of glitter in Sinful Colors Faceted.  I thought I was going to like this polish more than I did- perhaps there weren't enough variations of glitter in there, or I just didn't like it over the peach/gold shimmer.  I'll have to try it over something else.

Kleancolor Funky Yellow- Honestly I don't know how often I'll wear this polish on it's own...having received it as a gift...I did feel as if it deserved a go however.  Can you tell which finger is layered over a white cream? It is pretty obvious to me, but if you need a clue- it's the finger on the far left :)  Makes quite a difference in how the color pops.  I'm pretty sure I've already said this about the Kleancolor polishes- they have so many baller shades- but they are a pain to get dry!! Even with a quick dry top coat.  However, I haven't given up on em yet because they are under a buck for a big old bottle and like I said- they come in any color you can think of.

 In juxtaposition...Milani is one of my favorite formulas that you can pick up for a pretty fair price. They aren't the biggest bottles, but they usually stamp well and they glide beautifully onto your little nail without the slightest hint of finicky behavior some polishes can have :)  This color is Milani Mint Candy and oh this color is divine.  Can you see it's opalescent quality? Just gorgeous!

Representing the blues tonight we have Milani Sail Away which is a navy blue foil-fleck polish.  I am always searching for navy blue- one of my favorite colors- that don't stain!! and this one lived up to my high hopes.  Love love love this color.  Will have to see it stamping in action.

The third out of the four shades I picked up at the "Dollar Store," this sweet color is called L.A. Colors Illusion.  From the looks of this pick I should have gone for a third coat, but overall I was pleased here- the color did not disappoint.  It is as happy as it looks in the bottle.

 Another color from Wet n Wild Megalast- this is Venomous Vixen from their 2012 Halloween collection I believe.  I label this as a medium silver/gray metallic, since it's not uber dark or uber light.  It flies right there in the middle.  Not quite gunmetal, but still nice to look at on the nail.

Last but not least, we have NYC Tribeca Silver.  What a super saturated silver- as you can see from my attempted clean-up around the nails- it just didn't want to come off.  This color is bright and brilliant.  I loved it- definitely would put me in the mood for some celebrating!

Hope you enjoyed these swatches tonight and you find a little something to put some extra skip in your step this week!

Over and Out

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