Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Lechat Rustic Retreat Live Application and Review

Hey ya'll!  I'm happy to introduce you to a new brand I recently tried out and I am in love with!  It's the brand Lechat and the collection I tried out is the Fall 2014 Rustic Retreat.  If you'd like to watch my review of the 6 piece collection, you can do so here:

Just want to say, all of the formulas are the same here- practically one-coaters and smooth and easy. They are luscious and as of today, this is my favorite Fall collection this year.  It has a little something for everyone with neutrals and some pops of color that are so delicious!  I've shown you two coats for each polish.

Down to Earth is a delicious, warm, dusty olive.  Oh my, this is such perfection.  You can totally get away with one coat here, but I've done two.   This is a very calming color and I feel like I could sink right into it.  If you love greens, you need this one.

Hazelwood is like the perfect milk chocolate to me.  This is smooth and easy- these guys practically apply themselves.  I'm showing you two lovely coats here.

They gave us this lovely deep berry called Maroonscape.  This one definitely needs two coats, and in some lights you can still see some streakiness- but in person it just looks creamy and delicious.

This gorgeous navy blue that is clearly blue and not too dark is called My Serenity.  This one doesn't stain at all and applies like a dream.  My favorite navy that was put out this season!

They gave us another lovely green called Tranquility.  This green is just as dusty, but it's light and creamy and very cozy.  This is two coats, just with the rest.

The last polish is this vibrant medium berry/fuchsia called Wild Berry.  I literally had no idea this was going to be so beautiful.  It's bright and you can totally pull it off at one coat but I've shown you two here.  I absolutely love this one!

And that's it!  If you've never tried Lechat like I hadn't I really suggest this collection to you.  It is full of perfect formulas and has everything you need for this fall :)  I'm definitely going to be trying the next collection they put out.  I hope you have a great day and I'll see you back next time.

Song of the Day: Enya- Water Shows the Hidden Heart

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