Monday, October 27, 2014

Graceful Polish California Love Collection

Hey Loves.  I hope you all had a great weekend.  Some people around our house are starting to come down with the sniffles.  I hope you're all well and ready for a new work week.  Today we're looking at an indie polish brand I was sent for review.  One of my youtube subscribers approached me about her hand-mixed, 5 free, vegan, and cruelty-free collection of five polishes.  She's just getting her feet wet and wanted some feedback.  Grace works out of North Carolina but was born and raised in California and her first collection is called the California Love collection.  Each polish in the collection was inspired by something Grace loves about California.  Being a California native myself, I was eager to see what she came up with, so of course I said yes!  I am not being paid for this review, and all opinions are my own.  Let's get started:

I might as well start with my favorite!  First up is Alcatraz.  It's a very opaque gray with tons of silver shimmer.  You really only need one coat with this polish, but I've shown you two here. Basically this one applies like a dream.  I really didn't have any issues with any of the formula- but this one especially was a cake walk.  I wore it for a few day- which is a lot for me- and I had no chipping issues at all.  Perfect.

This dark teal luster with tons of silver glitter is called Big Sur.  You need 2-3 coats for opacity on this polish and I've shown you just two here as always.  I think it's a great color and the glitter makes it something special.

This light orchid is Cherry Blossom.  It's a lovely frost with holo, fuchsia, and silver glitters.  I can't wait to see what glitter combinations grace comes up with next.  She makes great choices.  This one also needs 2-3 coats and I've shown you two here.  This one wasn't my favorite, just because of the color but the formula's great.

There's another one-coater in the collection and it's this great copper metallic called Golden Gates. I've shown you two but you can get away with one.  I wasn't as fond of this one as I was the first polish I showed you, just because of personal preference concerning the frosty/metallic finish, but you may really love it because it applied just as easily as Alcatraz.

The last polish in the collection is Sunshine State.  It's a very yellow gold that has the same formula as the other polishes with glitter.  You probably need 2-3 coats but I've shown you just two here.  As you can see, this one has teal, silver, and green hexes with some very micro silver glitter as well. Such a great name for this polish.

I hope you saw something you liked here.  I applaud Grace for endeavoring to make her own polishes!  How exciting for her and I hope she keeps going!  If you'd like to visit the Graceful Polish Etsy shop, you can find that here.

Have a fabulous day, and please leave Grace some helpful feedback in the comments below.  See you back soon.

Song of the Day: Moby- Dream About Me

Over and out


  1. I applaud anyone who ventures into this highly competetive field! It takes guts to create a polish brand! Thank you for sharing:). XOXOXO

    1. exactly! let's create a brand together ;) Really, Grace did such a great job!


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