Thursday, October 2, 2014

Color Club Seven Deadly Sins Live Application and Review

How is everyone today?  I've been posting a ton of review videos on my channel lately so if you don't want to wait the 3-4 days it takes for me to get those reviews here to my blog, make sure you are subscribed to me over there.  Honestly, I film and edit on the weekends and then all my days are involved with homeschooling now (and cleaning my house when I have a spare minute-wish I got around to that more...) so I usually only get a chance to blog when it's late at night and by some miracle all the children have gone to sleep before 11pm or my husband is laying down with them, like tonight.

The collection I wanted to present to you tonight is the Color Club Seven Deadly Sins collection which is made up of 10 luscious, shimmering textured polishes.  If you'd like to see live application, you can always do so on my channel, and the link is here:

Yep, that's my deadly face :)  So, if you saw my review on the L'oreal Gold Dust polishes then you kind of already have a glimpse of what this collection in like.  They are surprisingly similar, in fact you really don't need both collections. That doesn't deter me from loving them, but I'm a polish nut and I love me some texture too.  Pretty much every one of these polishes has a look-alike in the L'oreal collection and most of these are one-coaters, which is really nice.  Let's get started.

First up we'll look at Dirty Money.  I will just tell you upfront, I've shown you two coats of each of these polishes.  This one is a lovely light gold with some silver.  Super textured and divine.  This is very similar to The Statement Piece in L'oreal's release.  As much as I love this- if you already have the other, you don't need this one.  If you don't have it- snag this one!  It's divine :)

Next up is Fierce which doesn't have a look-alike in the L'oreal collection.  This is the most unique from the Seven Deadly Sins, but it is also the least textured... in fact it's not really textured at all lol. It's a lovely mix between rust, gold and pink.  I love it!

This silvered-lilac is called Friends With Benefits.  The polish it's very similar to in the L'oreal collection is Diamond in the Rough.  This one is also not super textured.  I'm not even sure I'd classify it as such- however all the polishes in L'oreal's line are very gritty; just want to mention that.
That being said, I LOVE this color!

I didn't pick up the orange polish in the L'oreal collection, so I was happy to pick up this one called Indulge Me.  Again- this one isn't super textured...that's starting to become a theme isn't it??  Even still, I really love the color.  This has that copper, bronze, orange mixture.  This one is fab!

This blackened teal is the fabulous Obsessed.  Wow, such a perfect polish for Fall.  This has a similar polish in the L'oreal collection, but it's not just the same- for example L'oreal's version is much more gritty and has silver glitter hexes in it.  Again, not super textured here.

My FAVORITE of the collection is called Under Your Spell which is VERY similar to the polish in the same color scheme in the L'oreal collection.  I am so in love with the vibrant purple and the green/gold.  I could wear this all the time!

Finally, I have this deep violet with flashes of magenta and it's called You're So Vain.  Actually this has tons of colors in it, there's some blue and gold and green too, but it's very subtle.  Love it- but also not super textured.

You know, now that I get to the end of the post, I notice that there were only two shades that were especially textured...  I think they may have mis-marketed this collection a bit.  However, if you don't care for textured polish very much, you might enjoy that fact very much.

That's all I have for you today.  I hope you're doing well and hopefully I'll see you back tomorrow- meaning hopefully I'll be on the ball enough ;)

Song of the Day: Hawthorne Heights- Spark

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  1. Lovely swatches! I have Under Your Spell on my nails and there is just something so magical about it... I really feel like it's putting me under a spell haha! I wish I had a matching gown to twirl around in lol :)

  2. so true! how fabulous to have a dress like that!!