Thursday, October 16, 2014

Essie and China Glaze 2014 Breast Cancer Awareness

Hey loves.  Are you enjoying your October?  We are finally getting a bit of cool weather here and Halloween is quickly approaching.  October is special for another reason- it's the month we celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness and all those who are fighting/have fought this disease.  Essie and China Glaze both released collections this year for Breast Cancer Awareness and Tim decided to review them for my channel.  If you'd like to watch that review, you can do so here:

Let's start with Essie.  They put out a three piece collection.
First we have I Pink I Can which is a lovely ballet slipper pink.  This is a great two coater and it had a wonderful formula.  I really enjoyed it.

The one I enjoyed even more is Pink Happy.  This is a vibrant, powerful pink.  I feel like this polish most represents the cause that the polishes were created for.  It applies smoothly and easily in two coats and I had no formula issues.

The glitter topper they included is Pinking About You.  It's made up of pale pink matte glitter pieces in many sizes.  I thought it looked particularly lovely over Pink Happy.  This is two coats.

Moving on to the China Glaze collection, we have three matte polishes, the first of which is Carpe Diem.  This is a white with just the smallest drop of pink in it.  The formula was fine, I just didn't particularly love the color.  It was just ok.

 This matte was lovelier.  It's called Life is Beautiful.  This had the same formula as the matte above.  The color is pleasant and if you enjoy matte polishes, this one is lovely for this month's celebration.

Make an Entrance is a lovely, vibrant pink, similar to the one in the Essie collection.  This one is slightly lighter, but in this collection it's the darkest.  It applies nicely in two coats and I thought it was great.

The medium pink has a crelly format but it got totally opaque at two coats, which I love.  It is called Rich and Famous and it's rather a generic pink.  Not my favorite pink for this month's celebration, but the formula was good.

The last matte they gave us is Sheer Bliss.  This one has no pink in it, but otherwise is just like the other mattes in the collection.  I didn't really care for it.  It looked a tad dingy on the nail.

I think the star of the collection is the lovely Strawberry Fields.  You can pick this one up at any time in the core collection that Sally Beauty Supply has, so this is nothing new, but the color is divine.  It's a warm pink because it has so much gorgeous gold shimmer!  I love it so much.  This one's a must-have.

That rounds out the collections I reviewed for October's Breast Cancer Awareness.  I need to make it a priority to have a mammogram and this review may have done it.  We all need to make it a priority and celebrate those in our lives who are bravely fighting.  I hope you're having a great day and that you found something here you liked.

Song of the Day: The Blow- True Affection

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  1. Great collections. I didn't pick any up this year because they didn't appeal to me enough to buy them. I love Make an entrence