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Saturday Random Swatchfest 12/6/2014

Hey everyone :)  This is our first Swatchfest in December.  Welcome and I hope you've been having a great week!  I have some really lovely ladies to share with you today, chosen at random of course, and if you'd like to see live application of all 10 polishes then you can watch that right here:

Let's look at some polish!

This red shimmer from Sparitual is absolutely magical!  It's this mix of red, orange and gold and it is amazingly brilliant on the nail!  It's called Flamenco and this is two coats.  A

For pink we're looking at another sheer wash of color from Sally Hansen Triple Shine.  It's called Blow Bubbles and it's an almost salmon pink with opalescent properties.  This is three coats and I don't really feel it's worth the hassle.  C+

Our orange polish is this gorgeous mandarin orange shimmer that dries satin.  I pretty much love all the polishes in this Sally Hansen Satin Glam line and Sun Sheen is no exception.  This is two wonderful coats with no top coat, per usual.  A

I didn't have a yellow polish to share with you today, so OPI This Gown Needs a Crown is subbing in the spot.  Another satin finish with shimmer, this one could maybe need a third coat(you're looking at two) but it sure is nice on the nail.  A

Our green polish this week is Butter London Jaded Jack, which is a lovely bright spring green cream. This had a nice formula, no complaints this year.  Not a super original color, there's no way I'd pay full price for this guy, but on clearance it's not a bad polish at all :)  A

Nicole by OPI That's What I Mint is from the Gumdrops collection, and just like the rest in the collection, it is a textured shimmer polish, but unfortunately I couldn't get full opacity at two coats. You might need a third here, but aside from that, this one has a lovely color and I had no issues with application.  B+

Our purple polish this week is the divine bright purple with subtle shimmer that is Revlon Enchanting.  Such a perfect name for this polish.  It had a wonderful formula and the color is fabulous.  This is two coats.  A

For neutral, we have another silver polish and this time it's Color Club Super Yacht.  This is a textured silver polish and there's not glitter pieces in it.  This one is only ok for me.  Not my favorite texture formula.  This is two coats.  B

Nails Inc. Bloomsbury Square is our glitter polish this week.  It's micro purple glitter and larger fuchsia glitters in a clear base.  I'm not sure what makes this a "3D" glitter lol, but in any case it was really lovely over Revlon Enchanting.  You see it here with only one coat as a topper.  A

As usual, we finish up with our A+ polish of the week, and this time it's Zoya Caitlin.  She is a rather amazing purple/gray cream with such a lovely formula.  One of my favorite shades of all time, this kind of smooshing of those two colors together.  I hope you enjoyed this week's polishes.  Please let me know what you were wearing and loving this week.  I'll see you back next time!

Song of the Day: Above and Beyond- On a Good Day

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