Sunday, December 7, 2014

Sally Hansen Velvet Texture Collection with Live Application

Hi polish-lovers :)  Sally Hansen has a couple new displays out right now and one of them is called Velvet Texture.  There are 8 polishes in mostly subdued jewel-toned shades and they all have very very fine texture- like the finest I've seen so far :)  If you'd like to see live application of the whole collection, you can do so here:

Let's look at some photos:
First up is Crushed which is a lovely medium berry.  The formula on all of these is the same, rather nice and no hassle.  When you clean up, you have to make sure to pull away from your cuticle because they have so much pigment, the color can get messy up there.  I've done two coats here without top coat.

This almost black-navy is called Deluxe.  This is very pigmented but I didn't have any staining issues which I appreciated.  You're looking at two coats.

The other wine/berry shade in the collection is called Lavish.  This actually looks a bit patchy in the photo, but it didn't appear that way on the nail.  I love a great textured red.

This love taupe textured polish is called Lush and I loooooove it!  It's so understated and trendy.  I think it's fabulous.  This is two coats.

The first blue they gave us is Plush and it's a super pigmented teal blue.  Two coats again, just like the rest.

The other blue is this gorgeous royal blue called Regal.  This one is really a standout in the collection and if you are a blue polish-lover this is the one for you.  Again, this is two coats, and no staining here.

The purple they gave us is this lovely medium grape called Velour.  I am partial to purples, so I really enjoyed this one.  Two coats again, lovely.

Lastly, they gave us a basic black texture called Velveteen and I appreciate that they put this one in for good measure. The deep blue is so deep that you probably don't need both Deluxe and Velveteen, but this one is just as nice as the rest.  Two coats as usual.

That wraps up the whole collection.  I hope you enjoyed this review and found it helpful.  Have a great day and I'll see you back next time :)

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  1. Pretty colors. But this texture doen't makemuch sense. I prefer cream or a real texture.