Monday, December 15, 2014

Saturday Random Swatchfest: 12/13/2014

Welcome back to another swatchfest!  Per usual, we're going to look at 10 random polishes from my collection.  If you'd like to see how each of these apply, you can find live swatches here:

Our first polish this week is Nina Ultra Pro Acai Berry.  You can find this brand at Sally Beauty Supply and if you're looking for a punchy berry/fuchsia, well look no further.  It has a really nice formula but it's definitely a color we've seen around a lot.  A

Pure Ice Speechless is our pink shade but it's more like a magenta/fuchsia.  This polish has a crelly formula and reaches this level of opacity at two coats.  I totally enjoyed the squishy nature of this polish.  A

 This incredible, bright orange/coral is Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Firey Island.  A bit of a mix between a cream and a crelly, this applied nicely and the color was just amazing.  I'm not sure why it was being clearanced at CVS but I was lucky to find it.  A

In our "yellow" spot we have Julep Sally which is more of a buttercup mixed with an orange/peach. This one has an unfortunate formula.  Even though I achieved this level of opacity at two coats, it didn't apply smoothly or self-level.  C+

Zoya Giovanna is our green polish and oh. my. amazing!  This is two easy coats and I absolutely love this emerald shimmer.  I must say it did stain around my fingers a bit when I went to remove it, unfortunately.  A-

China Glaze Blue Sparrow is a very bright, medium blue with tons of silver shimmer running throughout.  It is on the sheer side, so at two coats(which is what you see here) you don't really get it opaque enough which is a bummer.  It's a little thin and runny, and if it weren't for the amazing color, I'd say toss this one.  It does dry matte and look amazing with a topcoat.  If you don't want to take my word for that fact- watch my video review for live application with topcoat.  B-

Our purple polish is L'oreal Lilac Coolers which is an incredibly sheer purple jelly.  This is three coats, and you can see how far we are from opacity.  Not worth your time, although it might be nice for a jelly sandwich.  C-

Sparitual Jazz is our neutral polish today.  I wasn't aware when I purchased it- but this dries to a textured finish- it was a nice surprise.  It's a very dark gray- almost black- that has tons of silver shimmer running throughout.  You can do one coat, but I've shown you two.  A

Sation Class Clown is our glitter polish this week and I've shown you one coat over Zoya Giovanna. It's a very sheer green with micro glitters and larger pink and blue hexes.  This is probably my favorite way I've tried to wear it so far.  It doesn't look like much on it's own and over a light cream it isn't really that great.  It's also rather thick and messy and hard to get those beautiful pink and blue hexes out.  B-

Sparitual Oasis is my A+ polish of the week.  This divine deep blue shimmer that dries matte is from the 2014 Fall/Winter Wander collection.  This is a one-coater but I've shown you two here.  It looks amazing with topcoat, and here's evidence:

I hope you found something here you enjoyed and please leave me a comment below about what your favorite polish of the week was.

Song of the Day: Jukebox the Ghost- Somebody

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  1. Love your swtchfests. This week Oasis is my A+ polish too 😊

  2. I picked up the SR mini 4 pack at Marshall's and the blue is awesome in it!