Thursday, December 11, 2014

Misa Fall/Winter 2014 Collection with Live Application

Hey loves.  You may know that I really enjoy the brand Misa, but it doesn't get a lot of show on blogs and youtube channels.  I recently reviewed their Fall/Winter collection for 2014 and I did a live application review for you here:

There are a total of 12 polishes in this collection- which is huge- just like a China Glaze or OPI collection.  They didn't name it, which is strange, but it's made up of beautiful shimmering shades. Let's take a look:

First up there's this dusty deep blue/teal shimmer called The Night is Blue.  This was two lovely coats, no trouble with opacity here.  This is one of the most pigmented polishes in the collection.

My favorite polish in the collection is called Blue Yonder but I actually think it looks more like purple or indigo.  I am soooo in love with this polish.  It's a perfect two-coater cream with tons of shimmer and you know that the color is what I love the best.

This deep python green with gold/green shimmer called Cricket Symphony is one of my other favorites.  This is another very pigmented polish in the collection.  Of the darker shades in the collection(there are four that look very similar) this one is my favorite.

The first lighter shade we're going to look at is this subdued pink that dries satin is called Dawn Chorus.  This one definitely grew on me, but compared to the darker polishes in this collection I wasn't as crazy about this one.

There a light green/silver shimmer in the collection called Glistering Treetop.  This is just barely, barely green and but it's not different enough to make it super desirable.  This one was just ok.  This is two coats.

You've seen one dark polish- that python green, but there are three other dark polishes that look almost identical.  This one is just plain dark gray and then there's a slightly blue and slightly purple one.  This is called Hour After Hour.  I'd say pass, even though it is pretty.

The slightly blue gray shimmer is called Silver Rains.  This one is lovelier than the one we just looked at, so I'd choose it first.  This is two nice coats.

The deep gray shimmer with just a tad of purple is called Sitting Careless.  I think this one isn't really as nice as the barely-blue.  It's also a little patchy.  You're looking at two coats.

There's a light copper shimmer in the collection called Sparkling Apple Cider.  This one was a bit too timid for me.  I wish it had some more punch.  You're looking at two coats, but I'd say pass.

This peachy pink shimmer is called Peaches and Cream.  This one is another really timid shade- I wish it had a little more punch as well.  However, this is another one that grew on me as I wore it.  It's just really peaceful and chic.  This is two coats.

This lovely silvered lilac is called Silver Skyline.  I really enjoyed this the most from the lightest polishes.  This is two coats and I love how it's the perfect mix of silver and purple.

Another polish in the collection that dries matte is this nice creamy, light lilac shimmer called Sunrise Dew.  Initially I didn't think I liked these light ones, but again this totally grew on me as I wore it.  I could have worn this one for a while.  This is two coats.