Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up: 3/20/2013

Another week gone by and lots of fun was had as usual.  Let the pictures roll :)

Mr. Bear had a couple of big events.  He had his 3rd grade space play!  We had great seats and took a million pictures.  Here are a few of my favorites.

What a doll :)  He also had his pinewood derby tonight and we had our first adventures with that.

 They have it all computerized now, so it tracks exactly how fast their cars made it to the finish line.  No more guess work.

Bear's wasn't the fastest- but we still had a great time and learned some good tricks for next year.

The fantastic cheering section!

He found something to race for himself.

I was able to catch some sweet smiles from Mr. Bug this week even though he's had a rough time of it with all the things he's allergic to starting to blossom.  Here he is helping Mom clean up.

Nicely waiting for brother's racing to get done.  He was really a very good boy and I was proud of him for having so much patience.


This is the concentration face.  Wish I knew what he was concentrating on lol.  I'm starting to think his favorite color might be pink too!  He was in LOVE with this plane.  Gotta keep that in mind when it's birthday present time in a few months.

And then comes Miss Bee.

She is growing by leaps and bounds right now and is catching all the zzzzzs she can to recharge those batteries.

Sporting brother's noise-cancelling headphones.

Daddy taught her how to blow kisses bye-bye.  This is saying goodnight tonight and it was a total surprise to me.  LOVE.

My little princess about to make a kissy face at me <3 .="" p="">

That's it from us this week!  Glad we could share our special moments with you friends and family.  Hope you are happy and healthy and we'll see you soon!

Over and out.


  1. THere is sooo much cuteness in this post!

  2. Eeeek, I know right? All grandmas and grandpas live far away from these babies and so these picture updates really are a necessity :)

  3. Thanks so much Phoebe! Salem enjoys performing, doesn't he? Love em all!!

    1. Hey Pam :) Yes I think he really does but he declined a speaking part because he is also very shy. Aren't your grandbabies just the cutest??

  4. Adorable photos, Phoebe! You brought back great memories of my son's Pinewood Derby Race. Thanks! :)

    - Katie B. of

    1. Thanks Katie- glad I could bring up sweet memories for you :)

  5. Thanks for the photos, I loved them! When Lincoln was here last he played a lot with one of these so it may be the airplane, but on the other hand he did also love that pink pig bank when he was younger. What a bunch of cuties!