Sunday, March 3, 2013

Random Swatching Spam 3/3/2013

Here comes another edition of my weekend random swatching.  I'm going to give you ten colors of the rainbow from my swatch folder at random (except for the last- it will be something that jumps out at me) and I'll tell you what grade I think each polish earns.  I'll post at the bottom where you can find these brands in case you're interested in something you see.

Caught Red-Handed
This is a very red-red from L'oreal, Caught Red-Handed was very pigmented and smooth in two coats.  I'm not really about wearing red polish all the time, but this color is just right so I'm sure I'll be reaching for it.  A.

Born With It
Here is my pink offering for you this week.  It's rather pale isn't it- very ballerina pink.  I liked it all except for that even after three coats it is still a little sheer.  I guess you can't expect much else with this kind of pink, but that's what I thought anyway.  Maybelline Color Show in Born With It gets an A-.

Melon of Troy
I really didn't care for how this hue looked as a frost.  I don't know who's with me on that one.  Cantaloupe is a gorgeous color, but I don't know, I couldn't really fall in love with Melon of Troy by OPI.  I give it a B because even though I didn't love it- the formula was still acceptable.

Metallic gold foil for the win.  This polish accomplished exactly what it was supposed to, extra gold, extra metallic, extra foil.  I loved it.  Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear's Golden-I is an A.

Grass Slipper
Oh my goodness I don't know how you cannot love this color!  It is so unexpected on the nail and yet all the time such perfection.  Grass Slipper is a creamy spring green by Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure.  A.

Cast a Spill on You
This bright blue cream with subtle shimmer is just a revelation in this picture- and you know the pictures are only doing their best to replicate what you're looking at in person.  Cast a Spill on You is one of the new spring shades from Sation.  All in all this collection was a disappointment for me because it had so many jellies that would just not give me fully opacity!  But not this little baby.  A.

In the Limelight
This is a little older of a picture as you can tell by the shape of my nails and the absence of the light box, but the color is just as fabulous now as it was then.  A creamy dusty violet purple has been one of my favorite hues since forever.  This is In the Limelight by Color Club.  I think I have yet to pick up a color by them and not like it.  Big fan.  Well, except for their polishes that have scents- they are way too strong.  But this bottle is love, and if you find it somewhere, snag it. A.

Kalahari Kiss
This is China Glaze's Kalahari Kiss from their safari collection a bit back.  Bypassing the fact that my cleanup job on these nails was grossly overlooked... I think this color is very interesting and you don't really see this creamy butterscotch around that much.  This is 2-3 coats and I really find it's unique nature intriguing.  I give it an A.

Make a Spectacle
This polish is so so fun.  Just look at all the holo gorgeousness in China Glaze Make a Spectacle over Barielle Slate of Affairs.  This picture just reminds me how anxious I was to try it over many things.  I believe this is two coats.  If you get a chance, pick this shade up.  It's fab.  A

Snow Cone
I have picked up a number of polishes in this light creamy blue now, because it really is one of my favorite shades, but Orly Snow Cone still rises above the rest with it's smooth creamy formula.  This is almost one coat, but I did two just to be safe.  Do you ever wonder what color you'd wear if you had to pick just one for the rest of your life?  For me it might quite realistically be this one.  Love it.  A+

Well that's all 10. I hope you found at least one in there that inspires you to play with your nails or to go pick up something new for your week.  Let me tell you where you can find everything.

L'oreal: Kmart, Walmart, Target, any drug store.
Maybelline: same as above plus also in some grocery stores
OPI: Ulta, local beauty suppliers
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear: Kmart, Walmart, Target, any drug store
Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure: Target, any drug store
Color Club:, sometimes Sally's
China Glaze:, Sally's
Orly:, Sally's

Happy Sunday- Have a great week all!

Over and Out

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