Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up: 3/13/2013

Sorry I missed posting a wrap-up last week, but I have a few fun ones for you today.  Of course- as always- we miss you family and friends far and wide.  Hopefully these pictures help you feel closer to us.

Starting out with Mr. Bear:
 Someone was complaining of blurry vision a few times so he had a vision check-up and sure enough he was ordered some reading/homework/computer glasses.  I may be partial, but he's a doll in them.

 Grandma- don't worry- the covers are just off the couch cuz I was washing them today :)

Mr. Bug is shirtless as ever since he can't stop biting his shirts and keeping himself soaking wet.  He's had a couple rough weeks but I was happy to catch him in good spirits here.

Poundin' baby sister's water.

Ok...don't freak out- the hubby and I have a strange sense of humor.  That being said and you know this isn't real, we couldn't resist making a photo op of this occasion.  I came out to my room to find my sweet Mr. Bug painting a nail wheel in Roguish Red...and getting it mostly on the sheets.  Does it need to be said that he has observed one of mom's preferred pastimes and wanted to try it for himself?

And finally Missy Bee!!  Wow all three kids were starvin marvins tonight but she's the only little monster to clean her plate!  This is the start of the munchfest so it wasn't much she had to finish, but still, all her taters, peas and hamburger?? And her mood improved like a million percent after her little belly was full.  I think somebody's having a growth spurt!

We love and miss you all!  xoxo
Hope your weeks are filled with fabulosity!

Over and out.

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