Saturday, March 23, 2013

Random Swatching 3/23/2013

Hey Ya'll- time to check out ten more polishes, random style.  Let's get started.  I think I have some goodies for you today.

 From this year's Holiday Collection, this is Fingerpaints Hollydazzle.  You know I'm not the biggest red polish fan- it's just not my cup of tea...I probably have no red in my closet either, but at least this polish has changed it up a bit with some glitz in there with a little bit of pink/gold shimmer.  I give it a B.  Formula was fine as is usual with this brand and this is two coats.

 This is a fun color!  Club Rat from Spoiled.  Three coats for this shimmer jelly- I know this isn't a wear all the time color, but when a shade makes me smile then I know it's a keeper.  This one gets an A (and p.s. you can't beat the price).

 Another Spoiled polish- this is Vitamin C.    As you can see- it's on the sheer side, but I thought it was another stunner from this brand and it surprised me.  Look at all that dimension- love it!  I give it an A and here's an example of it's layering options that I thought made it even more of a treasure:
 I sponged a little Wet n Wild Megalast Tropicalia on the tips and voila!  No more vnl and a great color combo to spice up the look a bit.

 Next up is Winter Affair from Color Club's Holiday collection this year.  You all know I love me a foil polish and this one did not disappoint except for the crazy scents they are putting in some of their polishes...I know in comparison to how awful some polishes can smell- some might say making a bottle smell like coffee or toffee or something might be a good idea- but when you one sense blocks out all your others...there's gotta be something wrong with that lol.  I sadly have to give this one an A- for the smell- even though look at that beautiful silky smooth love!

 This is the new brand to me- Brash and the color is called Green Machine.  This formula wasn't too shabby for something you find at a shoe store... and I love the color so that made me glad I picked it up.  The first coat was a little streaky, but after two I wasn't disappointed.  A-

 Hello gorgeous frost perfection!  This is Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Blue It and I am in love with this shade and the formula on this little bottle.  If you love blue polishes(like me) you need this one in your collection and it's a great price too :)  A.  This was pretty much a one-coater but I did two just cuz.

 This is a shade pretty unique in my collection.  China Glaze named it Let's Groove.  Can you see all the different dimensions in there?  Besides the plum frost there's pink and gold.  Yes yes yes.  Two coats and usual great CG formula.  A.

 I don't know how this one escaped being posted this long- I was so in love with it when I swatched it....well I mean except for the fact that I pull these out random...but let's just say this color is so unique and rich in depth.  It's like brown concrete and I just love how it looks like it should feel gritty but it's smooth as butter.  OPI named this color My Private Jet.  This is not the original version of this polish- which was a holo- but as much as I love holos, I'm not gonna hate cuz I fell in love when I put on this version.  So it's all good.  A.

 I loved loved loved this combo for wearing Sinful Colors After Party.  It is layered over Rimmel Rags to Riches which is in itself- so beautiful- but with this sparkling blue(looking like water droplets) glitter it is just magical.  Loove it.  A.

Lastly we have China Glaze Immortal- and as you know- this tenth selection is the only one I don't pull out at random.  This polish is the one I select from the whole folder that calls to me to be featured.  Along with blue polish I am obsessed with grays and like My Private Jet, this shade is so gritty and wonderful.  The bottle shot shows you more complexity than you can see on my nail, but just believe me it is Gorgeous!!  A+ for you missy Immortal.  I will love you forever....get it?? Hmm ok, ya- I'll see ya in a few days ;)  Have a great weekend!

Over and out.

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