Saturday, March 30, 2013

Random Swatching 3/30/2013

Who's ready for Easter tomorrow??  I know what I want in my Easter basket =P  I'm not sure that the Easter Bunny shops at Sephora though so I probably shouldn't get my hopes up for any Butter London, Illamasqua, or Dior-filled eggs :)

Here I have again for you some swatches of polishes that have been chillin' at my place for a little while.  You can take a look and see if there's anything you want to request for your Easter basket.

 Ello there.  This is Kourt is Red-y for a Pedi from Nicole by OPI.  Really if you're looking for a very bright- hot hot red- this would be a good bet for you.  I found this one in a clearance bin, so stores might be trying to clear out this collection to make room for those Modern Family and Selena Gomez collections, but you could still try your hand at making this one yours.  OK- confession- I had a dream last night that I was hangin' out with the Kardashian ladies like watchin' t.v. in their living room or something.  It was crazy random and it just came back to me cuz of this post...Anyways...I give this one an A.

 OPI A Woman's Prague-ative is this orange copper foil/shimmer brilliance.  I only picked up two polishes from their recently released Euro Central collection and this was one cuz I knew I had nothing like it among my little pretties.  Gliding on like butter- this is two coats, and an A.

 This is Daisy Does It from Color Club's Take Wing Summer offering last year.  It is a collection of glass fleck polishes and I just happened to find the whole collection at a Ross the other weekend.  I love checking both Ross and Marshalls for great polish finds.  But back to this polish- what you see here is three coats and still a vnl so I would suggest layering if you just have to have this gorgeous sunny, bejeweled yellow.  I can't judge the vnl too harshly cuz I simply adore yellow and I think this one had a pretty good go at it.  A-

 Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Fuchsia Power is like that perfect hot pink cream without going neon.  Sally Hansen really does hit it out of the park- with so many budget-friendly options, you really can find some great polishes and still take it easy on your wallet ;)  This one gets an A from me.

 China Glaze Budding Romance from their recent Avant Garden collection for Spring.  I wasn't sure if I was going to like this mossy crelly but I really give it props for being an original color that has no twin in my collection but it's not too wacky that it's unwearable.  I love that China Glaze loves to push the boundaries in nail polish.  That's why they continue to be one of my favorite brands. A.

 Aquemini from Amour was a big surprise for me!  I picked this up randomly to give the brand a try and I was so pleased with the formula and the super fun color(you know how sometimes the pics online aren't exactly indicative of the polish's true hue?).  Therefore, I went out and got 5 more and I'll be excited to get those swatched for you as well!  As you can see- this is a matte cream as well which makes it even more divine for my taste.  A.

 Zoya Perrie from their Spring 2010 Flash collection.  This is a soft, somewhat muted pinky purple and not really a go-to color for me.  However, that being said- I've never really met a Zoya I didn't like because their formula is such perfection, so it's still lovely in that regard.  I won't let my personal color preferences affect my grade for this one so I'll give it an A .

 Ok I'm such a sucker for these nudie-browns and here's another one for you.  From Spoiled this is Thanks a Latte.  Such a delightful palette cleanser- this is an older picture- and it's finally being posted for you to love as I do.  As I've said before- Spoiled is a very budget friendly brand that has colors for every lady from 10 to 100.  You'll be glad you gave it a try.  A.

 This is China Glaze Get Carried Away over Brash Green Machine.  For the same reason that they sometimes score big time for originality, China Glaze can sometimes make me go huh?  Their trying to push and have great new concoctions, but this one was a little strange for me.  I think if it didn't have the murky jelly base- if it was just would be easier for layering possibilities.  This was my favorite of the ones I tried and I still didn't care for it all that much.  Oh well, you tried, right? :)  Oh, and I had to fish for the glitter elements I wanted.  All these factors knock you down to a C.

Ok, for my non-random choice of the week, my offering is this little beauty from Avon called Blue Water Lilies.  It really is that glowing in person with all that gold shimmer in the periwinkle cream.  I got this bottle from my lovely Avon lady and I'm glad I did- for it is gorge!  This is two coats and while their super-fast-drying formula sometimes gives me trouble because it gets sticky too fast...this one was no problemo.  Loved it loved it loved it. :)  A+

Hope you found something you liked this week and that you are all going to have a lovely Easter with your nearest and dearest and you can take joy in life and in making others happy- for isn't that what it's all about? :)

Love to you all

Over and Out

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