Saturday, July 28, 2012

What a fun day yesterday! Off to Six Flags we went- arriving there around 4 pm because Bug always tires of the place rather quickly.  Well sure enough when we got there Bug was very upset- he hates rides and I guess we've taken him enough that he felt sure he was going to have to do some rides and he was crying big time.  Imagine a crying kid at a theme park and he won't stop...what is wrong with this picture? :) so after about a half hour his dad took him out of the park and they went to play at the McDonalds playground while Bear finished his time on the rides.  This is why Bug will not be appearing in any of these photos.  But boy did Bear get spoiled having been gone for two weeks- I guess Mommy and Daddy were a little more willing to give in to every whim lol.  Here's how the time at the park went:

Bee loved walking around with Daddy out of her stroller!

We shall conquer this park in the name of the sassypants band!

If you look closely- Bear is sitting to my left here in the front row of the Cobra ride.  He has slunk far down in his seat because he thought it was too loose he was going to fall out :O

Trying rock climbing for the first time.

What a pro!

Bee says HI PEEPS!

Mmmmmmmm Dip n Dots :) Cookie Dough

Awesome airbrush tattoo

Such a stud muffin!!

Bear missed Bee


Waiting for the monkeys to get through the line for the car rides

At first this ride was major fun.

This is Daddy's i'm passing everyone face.

I think we got a little car sick at the end.

Not pictured was Bear riding the Sky Screamer! It goes way up in the air and you're on a swing going around a maypole! What a brave dude- he wanted to try all the scary rides but not quite tall enough.  Maybe next year!

Boys are home from their summer vacay and we're getting back into the swing of things.  Bug is in underwears now and we're going to make this work!! =D


This is Revlon Cloud base with a couple BM stamps overtop.

Over and out.

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