Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Well vacation time is almost over.  I had another mostly play day, but I did do at least a little studying :) I made flash cards till my fingers were tired.  Tonight I'm watching my favorite show in the whole wide world!! Oh So You Think You Can Dance how you fill my heart! I wait for you all year round.  Here's Queen Bee watching telly with momma.

Little Queenie gets her brothers back in two days and she has missed them so much! (so has mommy)  However, the boys being gone, mommy has definitely been able to devote more time to little missus- one thing we've been up to is making some clothes.  Started working on a dress with some gorge textile.

She's gonna look so sweet ;) If I can pull it off...In between a couple fun runs to town and firing up the bbq for burgers with horseradish cheddar on em mmmm... I found a minute to get a new color on me tips.

This is wet n' wild megalast on a trip base color, and nyc long wearing starry silver glitter

Over and out :)

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