Sunday, July 29, 2012

 Soooooo... this day was filled entirely with potty-training...every 20 minutes to the bathroom for Bug.  Although there were still quite a few spills, we had two successful #2s and maybe two #1s. So a few more days of the same thing and hopefully we will be there! If not I might die- I am so over this whole potty training thing- it's been almost three years now of trying to get him ready for this- phew! This parenting is majorly hard work! Oh yeah, and I'm going out of my mind! Good thing I have a house full of cuties to lighten my heart when it feels like too much- which is oh, every 5 minutes :)  Here is Bug thinkin hard about something, and then what Bear did to get into the picture too...

Bear would want me to make sure to note the bunny ears he is expressing on his brother's head.

So this is how you aliens wear your socks...

 My sweet friend Jean bought Bee some new clothes, and here's a sweet one from the bunch. She's the best!

She laughs like this all the time and this is my first triumph at catching it!! 

Such a sweetheart <3

Mom won't mind if I just fill in some of these blank spaces here...

Oh, you caught me...doh!

I know! I'm such a silly girl!  You'll thank me when you see I gave you all the right answers mom!

You know you love me =D

Yes I do!

What? I kept you up late mom?? I never do that! (fingers crossed) - this was before it really got late too...


This is my first attempt at a jelly sandwich on the accent finger.  OPI base coat, then Sinful Colors Cinderella, which needed another coat apparently, layered in Spoiled Pet My Peacock(which also looked fab over like an olive/forest green on my toes) finally one last layer of Peacock and a top coat. Voila!

Over and Out! =D

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