Thursday, July 26, 2012

Happy Thursday!  Missy Bee had a surprise in her mouth today! It took the shape of this:

See that little tooth, her bottom right, barely peeking out? =D So cute! But making missy Bee so frustrated :(

Daddy knows how to cheer her up though.

Going to meet Bear and Bug at Six Flags tomorrow for a day of fun before bringing them home, but as for today it was filled with studying, cutting out fabric, playing with miss Bee and a little bit of cooking.  Made one of my favorite recipes tonight for dinner- Shredded pork salad with cilantro lime rice, beans, and a cilantro ranch dressing.

Have plenty of leftovers; any takers? :) Going to go study some more but I'll share my nail of the day first:

This is wet n' wild shine blue moon base coat with bundle monster stamp in wet n' wild metallica.

Over and out.

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