Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Watching women's gymnastics team final tonight! so fun =D while missy Bee plays with her favorite crackly toys in her Bumbo- one of her favorite places to hang out.

She reminds me of her great grandma grimmer in this little polka-dot number :)

Brother and sissy are definitely happy to be reunited and Bear is SO helpful.

Cuties! Bee getting her baby teeth where Bear is growing his permies.

What a helpful dude while momma makes dinner.

Free from prepping for tests for the day, I took the opportunity to work a bit on missy's dress.

Happy Bug today! He had 4 or 5 successful eliminations standing at the potty like a big boy! Yay triumph =)
He loves scootin around in the tub and he had a very focused day on all his activities.

"Cheese" ...now get out mom...


This is Julep Rose with some black embellishments on the accent nail.  This was fun :)

Over and out.

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