Thursday, August 6, 2015

China Glaze Electric Nights Summer 2015 Collection

China Glaze has a great collection out for Summer called Electric Nights.  If you would like to see my live application review of the whole collection, you can do so here:

Can I Get an Untz Untz is a great clear-based glitter that I've swatched here over white.  It's made up of green, purple and blue matte glitters.

Daisy Know My Name is a yellow-green that is still a bit sheer at two coats, but it's totally workable.

Dj Blue My Mind is a bright, medium blue.  So easy to apply and so pretty.

Glow With the Flow is a beautiful cool-toned bright pink cream.  This is two coats.

Home Sweet House Music is a gorgeous orange that's just slightly on the yellow side.  Such an easy application.

Another glitter in the collection, this is Let the Beat Drop, again swatched over white.  There are orange, pink, and purple matte glitters in a clear base coat.

Plur-ple is one of the two purples in the collection.  This one is the cool-toned violet and great at two coats.

Point Me to the Party is the third clear-based glitter with all the colors from the other two combined. It's such a fun party in a bottle.

Red-y to Rave is a bright red/orange cream that applied like a dream.

Treble Maker is a great, super bright ninja turtle green cream.  I'm showing you two coats here.

UV Meant to Be is the lighter blue in the collection.  This is two easy coats.

Last up is the second purple, Violet Vibes.  This one has a bit of a sheerer formula and is definitely more fuchsia than the other purple.  In my opinion they are different enough to warrant having both.

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  1. WOW! this is a glamorous and bright collection of nail colors. These are all wonderful colors. I especially liked blue, yellow, green and orange colors along with clear glitter one. Where can I buy them?