Thursday, August 6, 2015

Color Club Poptastic Pastel Neon Collection

Color Club has a beautiful neon pastel collection out for Summer made up of seven creams.  Some of these were a bit sheer at two coats, but the colors are so lovely I still really enjoyed them.  The formula wasn't sticky either and if you wanted to paint these all over white to make them even brighter you could certainly do that.  If you'd like to see live application of the whole collection, you can do so here:

Diggin' the Dancing Queen is the lovely bright orchid.  These will all be two coats unless otherwise noted. This one is definitely my favorite of the collection.

Disco's Not Dead is the gorgeous bright, light lemon.

Feathered Hair Out to There is the light bubblegum pink of the collection.

Hot-Hot-Hot Pants is a great peach that leans just a bit pink.

Meet Me At the Rink is a bright sky blue that's just a bit sheer as you can see at two coats.

Til' the Record Stops is another that's just a bit sheer, but just look at this lovely, bright pistachio.

Under the Blacklight is up last and as you can see, it's a bit streaky at two coats.  I'd either go for a third or put this over white, but I just love how bright it is.

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