Thursday, August 6, 2015

Color Club Shift Into Neutral Collection

Color Club released a neutral collection at the early part of 2015.  It's made up of seven creams and I felt like this collection was a bit hit or miss.  If you'd like to see live application of the whole collection, you can do so here:

Barely There is a warm caramel nude that I didn't fall in love with; it was a bit sheer at two coats.  All the same, it would probably look great on another skin tone.

Blank Canvas is a white cream that was pretty patchy at two coats.  You could do a third, but I've shown you only two.

Blush Crush is a very sheer blush/cream color.  This is three coats and I really didn't care for it.

Get a Mauve on It was one that I did like.  It's a lovely cool-toned mauve/brown.  It was still a bit patchy but I liked the color.

Midnight Mulberry is the other polish I did enjoy.  The color is lovely and this is two easy coats.

New-tral was another great cream and had an easy two coat application.  It's kind of dusty too.

Sweet Mint is a very light pistachio cream.  This is two coats.

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